Services - Professional People

1) We treat each client as if they were our only client

By taking the time to listen to our clients, we gain a greater understanding of the technical skills and competencies that are required for the role as well as the cultural fit within the organization. We offer a solution to the client needs with a clear benefit to the client, not just a methodology.

2) We treat each candidate/partner as we would like to be treated

We explore our candidates’ aspirations and treat them with the professionalism they expect.

3) We select candidates and suggest solutions on an objective basis

The objective screening of individuals for a role is a vital part of our process. Where appropriate, we use assessment tools and structured interview techniques to give an objective background to the selection process.

4) We manage expectations

We believe the best way to build trust is by controlling the recruitment process and managing expectations. We provide clear and precise Terms of engagement for the proposed solution.

5) We follow up

Completing the placement is not the end of the assignment. We believe in making sure we are doing the best job we can by monitoring the quality of delivery, following up with the client and candidate after the placement, and continually improving our tools and work practices.

6) We tell the candidates/partners the way it is

For every role, there are qualities that will make a candidate succeed. When people decide to leave their current position, they need to be sure that they can succeed in their new job so we are committed to presenting the role and client appropriately and honestly.

7) We demonstrate our expertise

We only operate in areas where we can demonstrate a high level of expertise and provide obvious added value to our clients and candidates.

8) We get the details right

We work within strictly established compliance standards.